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*Datapolis Process System Basic is a free of charge, fully functional license of Datapolis Process System 2013 and 2016. Its only limit is the maximum threshold of 1000 workflow actions allowed monthly. If you wish to obtain a higher license plan, contact Datapolis at

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Main features

Workflow Designer

Fast and easy workflow modeling

Create a workflow in minutes with Datapolis graphical designer. Drag and drop icons to add or modify states and actions and assign workflow roles.

Workflow Applications

Simple blocks to build big processes

Convert workflows to stand-alone applications and use them inside other workflows or in external solutions. Create repositories of common processes, divide complex workflows or design parallel sub-processes.

Central Administration

Place to manage business processes

Manage security, improve workflow performance, reduce errors and monitor changes from one location. Collect data and logs so to troubleshoot problems and resolve bottlenecks

User Experience

Start building workflows now!

Datapolis Process System is fully integrated with your SharePoint. There is no need for additional training, so end users can handle Datapolis workflows with no effort.

See what our clients are saying

"Datapolis Process System improved design, deployment and testing of advanced SharePoint workflows."

- Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland

"Overall my feeling about the solution and the project is absolutely positive and I’m sure that our quality management portal and Datapolis form a powerful and efficient solution to work better in the future."

- Sidrag AG

"The product is very clear, easy to use, does not require extensive specialist knowledge, and largely extends the possibilities of Microsoft SharePoint."

- Total

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